ComEd’s Second Ideathon Kicks Off

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The Vision

The Community of the Future is a place where ComEd and a local community collaborate to create a "smart community"—connected, green, and resilient—in which the smart grid and a host of other technologies and related services are fully leveraged to enhance the everyday lives of community members.

Imagine a smart community where residents and businesses...

Are connected in new ways

Can reduce their environmental footprint

Have more options and control over their energy usage

Find value in new products and services to save money, go places, find comfort

See improvements in the community

Why Bronzeville?

A storied neighborhood with a rich legacy of creativity and diversity, Bronzeville has:

Critical public infrastructure

The Bronzeville area is home to critical public infrastructure, including hospitals, police headquarters and fire departments.

A wealth of technical innovation underway that can spur smart city development

Bronzeville is home to Illinois Tech, which is a partner with ComEd on new energy technology that has already brought microgrid and nanogrid technology to the area. ComEd and the Illinois Institute of Technology, also known as Illinois Tech, are also partnering on other innovations, including smart streetlights, smart water meters, EV charging stations and more.

Engaged leaders and community members

Home to a vibrant and diverse community, Bronzeville has residents, businesses, and leaders who are highly engaged in efforts to continue invigorating the neighborhood - creating an ideal setting for learning and exploring the full potential of smart energy-related technology.

The foundation is being laid in Bronzeville...

Smart meters installed

U.S. Department of Energy-funded research & design underway on microgrid technology

Microgrid in place at Illinois Tech

Distribution Automation

Testing underway for installation of new sensors to enable emerging technologies