Pilots & Projects

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Electric Vehicle Mobility


Community mobility pilot tests efficient use of electric vehicle car sharing to address mobility

Transportation service creates jobs for local residents and advertising for local businesses

The vehicle comes equipped with more than 40 built-in sensors that collect data about the car’s performance and use

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Bronzeville Community Microgrid

Microgrids deliver reliability, resiliency, and security

Microgrids will advance Illinois as a leader in energy technology, and clean, smart city infrastructure

Bronzeville is part of the path forward, serving as a testbed for tomorrow’s energy future

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Community Energy Storage

ComEd Crews Working

Test the use of small-scale (25 kW) battery storage technology in conjunction with EV charging stations

Demonstrate the benefits of using CES to minimize costs of EV Charging

Off-Grid Renewable Lighting

Partner with Aris Renewable Energy to install 3-5 off-grid streetlights in Bronzeville

Provides low cost solution for areas without adequate lighting

Potentially along Safe Passage Zones or public location (park or parking)

Smart Kiosk


Test 1-2 life-size interactive digital displays in high traffic areas

Provides emergency alerts, way finding (map based direction), real time public information, news and information